"But none of her background information prepares you for the sumptuous sounds this beautiful lady produces.
She is definitely of star quality. A big hand for the little lady.
Grady Harp
(Amazon.com top 100 reviewers)


"Ana is definitely one of the most exciting vocalists/composers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She tells a story with energy, character, sophistication, elegance
and musical wonder.”
Gord Clements
(Principal Saxophone, Victoria Symphony)    

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“She has the rare endowment to fascinate at first site without any effort."
Dr. Lucy Shelton
(Tanglewood Music Center)

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"Ms. Velinova is the new phenomenon
in the jazz scene. 
She brings exquisite vocal style
to her music."

Vladimir Gadjev
(Democracy News)

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Dean Kalyan
Official Photographer for Ana Velinova.